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03/09/16 Made this page, added link to O'Relly Chevrolet's website from front page logo, moved this page to under More

03/10/16 Added Vette Gazette First Quarter 2016

03/13/16 Updated Future Events link

04/06/16 Added text and link to Sonoran Shootout event to home page

04/06/16 Added visitor counter to home page

05/14/16 Updated the club roster PDF filence

05/15/16 Deleted Superbash 2013 and Oro Valley BBq from past events (links didn't work)

05/15/16 Added Spooktacular Autocross to Past Events

05/15/16 Split Events to Future and Past Events on menu ( unchecked Same width and stretch buttons on menu settings)

05/15/16 Reordered More menu items to put Vette Gazette higher on list

05/19/16 Finished? Spooktacular Autocross slide show

05/19/16 Added Original Wheels to links page

05/27/16 Updeated Club Roster Pdf

05/27/16 Edited What's going on, no show events page, and  On about page changed RR to 850 members, deleted Every year.

05/27/16 Added NCM's letter of appreciation to our recognition page.

05/29/16 Deleted text and links to Sonoran Shootout on home page.

06/22/16 Added Vette Gazette 2nd Quarter 2016, updated club roster PDF file.

06/24/16 Replaced Vette Gazette 2nd Quarter 2016 with corrected version. (Barry Scofield spelled correctly, Rosemarie Feirn's birthday)

06/24/16 Updated Future Events 

06/26/16 Edited Links page: LM performance, Vette Magazine, deleted Bondurant (Chargers now), edited CorvetteRacing,com, added CCA and RCG auto, made both the same

07/09/16 Added "Charistmas in July" flyer to Future Events. Added "Spotlight on Members" form link to Secure Area.

09/20/16 Fixed Road Runner link, updated Why NCCC link, Added NCCC appplication link, deleted PayPal info, added latest events calendar, added Vette Gazette

09/22/16 Added Spotlight on Members page and Officers page as a subpage under About 

09/25/16 Chnaged Header height & logo size, put Oct game night in future events, made minor size changes to match a smaller display size

09/29/16 Changed Roster for latest one.

10/04/16  Fixed broken and incorrect links: NCC RoadRunner, 2016-> 2017  Corvette guide, added The Ultimate Corvette Page, deleted

10/25/16  Added Bob McFarland and Brian Stamper to the Spotlight on Members page. Change the presentation to a slide show

12/15/16   Added Vette Gazette 4th Qtr, Updated to the new events calendar, added ORO Valley Car Show

01/24/17  Added Sponsors page (blank), edited officers page.

02/13/17  Added O'Rielly and Fortress to the sponsors page. (problem editing the officers grid)

02/14/17  Fixed wording in Fortress write-up. Finally added Victoria to Officers Page.

02/28/17  Fixed Calendar - changed HTML from HTTP to HTTPS on embed link. With SSL turned on (Google Calendar and TCC website are secure).

03/05/17  Changed Roster (no Jane Wall), changed Officers to 2017, deleted Oro Valley Car Show, Added TVS, CCA & VVV events & link to our events calendar, added Breck to  sponsors,                          changed logo, added  latest Vette Gazette.

03/26/17  Updated Roster, Added  text to Brecks Vettes, Fixed Corvette Racing link, RCG auto link (as per email). Added Soronoran Shootouts, VVV Hare & Hound to events.

04/03/17  Added Sonoran Shootout to future events. deleted TVS Spring Break (over),  new membership application.

04/07/17  Added Slide Show of Dennis Shumaker, Spotlight on Members Morgen and Bruce, Victor's car in gallery, fixed links for CCA and build sheets.

04/24/17  Added text to Dennis Shumaker's gallery

05/07/17  Tried to access website - found "not secure" notice from Google

05/08/17  Website is now Secure. Added Barry Scofield's gallery

05/14/17   Deleted bad link and addes 3 new links to Links page. Added disclamer to bottom of Links page.

05/17/17   Added Tucson Guns to Sponsors Page

06/03/17  Changed "Future Events" - deleted Sonoran Shootout and other past events, added Cruzin N' Tucson, TVS Corvette Summer and Phantom Vettes Ken Daby The Great Escape.                         Added Nesci & St. Louis ad to "Sponsors" page

06/16/17  Added SECOND Quarter Vette Gazette, updated Nesci's phone number, added National Corvette Day to future events.

07/21/17   Changed "Future Events" - deleted past events and the cancelled Hare and Hound, added Gaslight Theater. Added DCA Car Show and CCA Car Show

08/13/17   Updated roster in members onlu section, Added Cruisn' n Tucson for Aug, added VVV rallies, updated DCA Car show, CCA car show with flyers.

09/21/17   Added Bidegain Realty - Sandra Lane to "Sponsors" page, added our Oct autocross and TVS "Corvette Thunder" and a link to "Corvettes in The Park to "Future  Events"

10/15/17   Deleted "Our Events" on the "Future Events" page, deleted outher clubs events. deleted picture on "About" page and move text up so that the By-Laws are visible without scrolling.

12/18/17   Added by Barry to Mt Lemmon photos, rearranged Vette Gazette  page and added 3rd qtr and 4th qtr issues could not publish

12/19/17   Deleted old events and added Laughlin and Road Runner Regional Gathering - still can't publish

12/30/17   Finally published site

02/15/18   Added Shootot at Marksman to our events, deleted others past events, added DCA Sweetheart, update the link to the NCCC Convention.

03/03/18  Fixed issues with bottom info.  Deleted Sweetheart and Marksman events.  Added Corvette Day event

03/03/18  Updated TCC Club Officers page for new 2018 officer slate

05/04/18  Uploaded new roster, updated footer, added link to microbash flyer, updated officers page with phone numbers, added VVVV Car Show and Phantom Vettes Great Summer Escape

05/19/18   Updated Roster

06/15/18   Changed email address for membership and updated NCCC membership application on JOIN page

06/23/18  Changed Corresponding Secretary to Regina Katz, changed logo back, added future events ( Brewery, Chevys in Park, Spooktacular) Uploaded 1st and 2nd Qtr Newsletters   

08/14/18  Added Roadrunner Regional Kickoff Event, deleted old events from the future events page

09/07/18  Added Barry's Corvette to home page, Added our picnic to future events (with flyers), added events from other clubs (with flyers) to future events

12/01/18   Added photos from Jim Gray's Celebration of Life event to Jim Gray's Corvettes

12/09/18  Uploaded 3rd Quarter and 4th Quarter Vette Gazette .  Removed past events in Future Events.

02/06/19  Uploaded latest Roster, set link.

03/14/19   Fixed Members Only page (now 2019), About updated officers, Changed Future Events page (updated)

03/08/20  Deleted Future Events and replaced with Meeting Minutes. added meeting minutes

03/18/20  Updated 2020 Officers PDF with Morgen as Activities Director, Added Morgen's picture on Officers Page. Added Barry's Corvette for sale and activated  For Sale page

08/13/20  Uploaded new TCC Roster

06/01/21  Uploaded new TCC Roster

05/13/22  Put Barry's C8 on home page, deleted old events, added MicroBash, Picnic, Christmas party and other clubs: VVV Car Show & Phantom's Ruidoso event

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