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06/16/17  Added SECOND Quarter Vette Gazette, updated Nesci's phone number, added National Corvette Day to future events.

07/21/17   Changed "Future Events" - deleted past events and the cancelled Hare and Hound, added Gaslight Theater. Added DCA Car Show and CCA Car Show

08/13/17   Updated roster in members onlu section, Added Cruisn' n Tucson for Aug, added VVV rallies, updated DCA Car show, CCA car show with flyers.

09/21/17   Added Bidegain Realty - Sandra Lane to "Sponsors" page, added our Oct autocross and TVS "Corvette Thunder" and a link to "Corvettes in The Park to "Future  Events"

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12/18/17   Added by Barry to Mt Lemmon photos, rearranged Vette Gazette  page and added 3rd qtr and 4th qtr issues could not publish

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12/30/17   Finally published site

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03/03/18  Fixed issues with bottom info.  Deleted Sweetheart and Marksman events.  Added Corvette Day event

03/03/18  Updated TCC Club Officers page for new 2018 officer slate

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06/23/18  Changed Corresponding Secretary to Regina Katz, changed logo back, added future events ( Brewery, Chevys in Park, Spooktacular) Uploaded 1st and 2nd Qtr Newsletters   

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12/01/18   Added photos from Jim Gray's Celebration of Life event to Jim Gray's Corvettes

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