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A Day at Bondurant

A Day at Bondurant

Bondurant High Performance Driving School – June 20-22, 2011
by Tommy Koukalik


I recently attended the Bob Bondurant High Performance 3 Day driving class in Phoenix, and highly recommend it to any member interested in perfecting their skills, or to expand your comfort zone in driving your Corvette.
For more than a decade, I instructed deputies/students within the Sheriff’s Department, on high speed pursuit driving and skill sets in accident avoidance and vehicle control maneuvers.  I eventually progressed to even teaching 4X4 classes to deputies with those type vehicles.
I expected to learn from the Bondurant School better techniques and skills in driving my Corvette competitively in autocross events.  I also hoped to expand my “comfort zone” in my skill set actually driving my Corvette on a daily basis.  I wanted to learn my limits of abilities and the limits I could push the Corvette and still control the car.
All my aspirations were fulfilled by this multi-day class (called the 3 Day Grand Prix Driving Course), and I highly recommend this venue to any who wish to improve themselves and their driving skills in general.
Bondurant instructors teach the four main principles of HP driving, concentration, vision, vehicle dynamics and line techniques.  Via one on one instruction and repetitive practice, these skill sets are honed and developed until both you and the instructor are confident in your abilities.  Under steer and over steer slides are experienced via a Cadillac CTS  with outriggers.  It is an eye opening event when you learn to sense and control the vehicle correctly.  Line techniques and heel/toe shifting are taught and reinforced on the 1.6 mile/15 turn course (with the long straight away allowing almost 100 + mph runs).
If you have ever entertained the thought of attending a Corvette driving school, I would be glad to share my insight into the Bondurant School experience with you.
Drive safe, and I will see you soon at the autocross events.

-- Tommy Koukalik

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