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'67 Corvette Visit

I bought the car new. Paid $4270. Sticker was just over $5000. Being 25, single, and flying Navy jets out of Miramar, CA, I had image to consider. What an ego booster that car was! Nine years later I am 34, married, 2nd child on the way, new house to pay for. Car was sold in a split second of "Practical" thinking.

1967 Corvette Visit

by Gordon Wotherspoon

Today it is in the loving hands of Dr Craig Weiner in Sacramento, CA. He bought it frame off restored last year, fulfilling his dream of owning a car exactly like this one. He offered to let me drive it. I passed, but may reconsider at some other time. I reminded him I put the first 65,000 on it and would not want to have a mishap. Great hosts.

The car is the same color and perfect in appearance. Craig has located the second owner in the past week from a receipt in his handed down documents. Great hosts. If I see the car again maybe I would like to drive it nervously around the block one more time. He did comment on the appearance differences between the car and the human. Dang it all...


-- Gordon Wotherspoon



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